About the Authors 

Steve Swatt is a veteran political analyst and public affairs executive. He is a former award-winning political reporter with twenty-five years of journalism experience with the San Francisco Examiner, United Press International in Los Angeles, and KCRA-TV (NBC) in Sacramento. He received a BS in business administration and a master’s degree in journalism, both from the University of California, Berkeley.

Susie Swatt is a member of the National Advisory Council of the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley. She spent nearly forty years as a key staff member in the California Legislature. As a special assistant for the Fair Political Practices Commission, she researched and authored a study that won a national award for “investigative work in the public interest."

Rebecca LaVally, Ph.D., teaches rhetorical criticism, persuasion, and political communication at California State University, Sacramento. She is a former editor of the California senate’s public-policy research office and a former Sacramento bureau chief for United Press International and Gannett News Service.

Jeff Raimundo has spent more than twenty-five years as a political and public-relations consultant based in Sacramento. Previously, he enjoyed a twenty-five-year career as a newspaper reporter and editor with the Sacramento Bee and McClatchy Newspapers in Sacramento and Washington, DC.

“Finally, a must-read book that focuses on the trailblazing women who transformed the political landscape of California. Methodically researched, deeply insightful, and clearly written, this book weaves a rich tapestry of women’s history and narrative to create a forceful record of women’s civic achievements across the state.”

     – Emerald Archer, Director

        Center for the Advancement of Women

        Mount Saint Mary’s University

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“This simply is an excellent book, an excellent idea, excellently executed. It's compelling, easy reading without airs, telling the pertinent political stories that shaped California.”

--George Skelton

   Political Columnist 

   The Los Angeles Times

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